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Georgia Institute of Technology

Ph.D Computational Science and Engineering, 2012 -- 2016 (Atlanta, GA)

  • Research Assistant 2012, Teaching Assistant 2016
  • Adviser: Professor David A. Bader
  • Dissertation: Graph Analysis Combining Numerical Statistical and Streaming Techniques
  • Qualifier: Computational Data Analysis (ML) and High Performance Computing (HPC)
  • Committee: Rich Vuduc, Haesun Park, Polo Chau, Dana Randall, G. Sanders (LLNL)

University of Florida

B.S. Mathematics, 2009 -- 2012 (Gainesville, FL)

  • Summa cum laude
  • Thesis: A Ramsey Theorem for Indecomposable Matchings

Work Experience

  • University of Florida (Gainesville, FL)

    Assistant Professor, Jan 2021 - Present

    • Conduct computer science research
    • Teach computer science courses
    • Serve the scholastic community
  • Georgia Tech Research Institute (GTRI) (Atlanta, GA)

    Research Engineer II, May 2016 - Present

    • Conduct research into high performance data analysis algorithms and applications
    • Win and manage federally funded research contracts (see funding)
    • Deliver applied research projects to sponsors such as source code, web applications, technical reports
    • Mentor and advise students in connection to research projects
  • Ionic Security (Atlanta, GA)

    Data Scientist, 2015

    • Developed data analytics software
    • Designed a service oriented architecture for near real time analysis written in Go and Julia
    • Leveraged time series and network database technologies including Heka, InfluxDB, RabbitMQ, and ElasticSearch
  • DOE -- Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (Livermore, CA)

    Institute for Scientific Computing Research Intern, 2014

    • Studied relationship between numerical accuracy of eigensolvers and solution quality of mincut graph partitioning
    • Developed very fast approximate eigensolvers for large graphs
    • Applied probabilistic reasoning to describe numerical computations
    • Presented results at LLNL poster session
  • IDA -- Center for Computing Sciences (Bowie, MD)

    Adjunct Faculty, 2013

    • Conducted research into Malware structure and similarities by studying execution patterns of malicious programs
    • Developed clustering and methods for understanding the structure of malicious programs with graph analytics
    • Built a high performance distributed system for conducting these analyses with ZeroMQ communication


2020 -- 2023 Principal Investigator DARPA Young Faculty Award: Model Aware Scientific Computing Agreement No.~W911NF2010292 1M
2019 -- 2021 Principal Investigator DARPA Directly Computable Models (CompMods) Agreement No.~HR00112090067 1M
2018 -- 2020 Principal Investigator DARPA Artificial Intelligence Exporation: Automating Scientific Knowledge Extraction Agreement No.~HR00111990008 1M
2019 -- 2023 Principal Investigator DARPA Artificial Social Intelligence for Successful Teams (ASIST) Agreement No.~HR001119C0135-001 400K
2016 -- 2018 Principal Investigator NIJ Developing Novel Means of Evidence Collection Grant Number 2016-MU-MU-K004 400K
2019 -- 2022 Co-PI ONR Extracting, Explaining, and Estimating Information in Sonar Data (E3ISD) Contract No. N00014-19-C-2069 695K
2019 -- 2021 Co-PI ONR MCM Situational Awareness 375K
2016 -- 2019 Key Personnel ONR Performance Estimation of Underwater MCM Operations Contract No. N00014-16-C-3041 990K
2016 -- 2019 Key Personnel GTRI SI Multi-source Anticipatory Intelligence 900K


Honors, Awards, and Fellowships

2018 Office of the Director of National Intelligence -- XAMINE Challenge
2013-16 National Defense Science and Engineering Fellowship
2012-16 Presidential Fellowship for Graduate Study at Georgia Tech
2011-12 University Scholar at the University of Florida
2012 Kermit Sigmon Scholarship for service to the mathematical community
2015 Tau Beta Pi, Engineering Honor Society, Georgia Tech Chapter
2012 Phi Beta Kappa, University of Florida Chapter

Leadership and Service

2019 JuliaCon Organizing Program Committee
2018 JuliaCon Organizing Committee Vice Program Chair
  • Organized the technical program of a 3 day international conference on the Julia programming language
  • Ran Program Committee meetings to decide on accepted abstracts and presentations
  • Led poster session preparations
2017 Tau Beta Pi Atlanta Alumni Chapter President
  • Organized professional networking events for local Atlanta Area Engineers
2015 Georgia Tech College of Computing Graduate Student Association VP for the School of CSE
  • Represented department students to university administration committees on curriculum and funding
  • Organized social and professional networking events for graduate students
  • Chaired the organizing committee of HotCSE graduate research seminar providing early career presentation opportunities to graduate students
2011 Univ. Florida Pi Mu Epsilon Chapter President
  • Organized a series of talks for the mathematics students at UF on diverse mathematical topics and skills incl. LaTeX, programming and technical communication in the field.
2009 Eagle Scout


Professional Education

Spring 2019 Data Analytics Methodology with J. Poovey
Fall 2018 Programming for Data Science with Beverly Wright
Spring 2017 Data Analytics Methodology with J. Poovey, D. Ediger, and M. Rost.
Fall 2016 Big Data Analytics with J. Poovey, D. Ediger, and M. Rost.

Teaching Assistant at Georgia Tech

Spring 2016 CSE 6643 Numerical Linear Algebra with Prof. Haesun Park
Spring 2014 CSE 6220 High Performance Computing with Prof. Srinivas Aluru


2018-19 Sreenath Reparti BS ISYE Georgia Tech 0 KPMG
2019 Kun Cao MS CS Georgia Tech 2019 GT
2019 Abhinav Mehndiratta 2019 Google Summer of Code
2016-18 Rohit Varkey MS CS Georgia Tech 2018 Google
2016-19 Micah Halter BS CS Georgia Tech 2019 GTRI
2016 Nate Knauf BS CS Georgia Tech 2019 GT
2015 Pushkar Godbole MS CSE Georgia Tech 2016 Yelp

Selected Technical Skills

  • Programming languages (most familiar to least) Julia, Golang, Python, C, SQL, Bash, Matlab
  • Computational Data Analysis (pandas, sklearn, Jupyter)
  • Web development with Golang and Python (flask)
  • Database Applications primarily with PostgreSQL and MongoDB
  • Practical computing skills such as \texttt{LINUX, git, make,} \LaTeX
  • Continuous Integration/Deployment: Docker, DC/OS, Kubernetes


Peer Reviewed Journal Articles

2015 Behavioral Clusters in Dynamic Graphs, J. P. Fairbanks, R. Kannan, H. Park, D. A. Bader, Parallel Computing Special Issue of Scientific Graph Analysis
Dec 2011 A Ramsey Theorem for Indecomposable Matchings, J. P. Fairbanks, Electronic Journal of Combinatorics, Vol 18(1)

Peer Reviewed Conference Publications

Aug 2019 Constructing Knowledge Graphs from Scientific Texts, K. Cao, J. P. Fairbanks, KDD workshop on Machine Learning in Graphs
July 2019 A Compositional Framework for Scientific Model Augmentation, M. Halter, C. Herlihy, J. P. Fairbanks, Applied Category Theory
May 2019 Semantic Program Analysis for Scientific Model Augmentation, J. P. Fairbanks, C. Herlihy, K. Cao, S. Reparthi, Modeling the Worlds Systems
Oct 2018 Digital Witness: Remote Methods for Volunteering Digital Evidence on Mobile Devices, N. Campbell, T. Goodyear, W. Messer, E. Stuart, J. P. Fairbanks, IEEE Technologies for Homeland Security
Sep 2018 Performance Effects of Backing Data Stores in Community Detection Algorithms, R. Varkey Thankachan, B. P. Swenson, J. P. Fairbanks, IEEE High Performance Extreme Computing
Feb 2018 Credibility Assessment in the News: Do we need to read?, N. Fitch, N. Knauf, J. P. Fairbanks, E. Briscoe, ACM WSDM MIS2
Sep 2017 Integrating Productivity-Oriented Programming Languages with High-Performance Data Structures, R. Varkey Thankachan, E. Hein, B. P. Swenson, J. P. Fairbanks, IEEE High Performance Extreme Computing
2017 Deriving Streaming Graph Algorithms from Static Definitions, J. P. Fairbanks, D. M. Ediger, IEEE International Parallel and Distributed Processing Graph Algorithms Building Blocks
Jan 2017 Graph Partitioning with Spectral Blends, J. P. Fairbanks, D. A. Bader, and G. D. Sanders, Oxford Journal of Complex Networks
2017 Graph Ranking Guarantees for Numerical Approximations to Katz Centrality, E. Nathan, G. Sanders, J. P. Fairbanks, V. Henson and D. Bader, International Conference On Computational Science
2017 Deriving Streaming Graph Algorithms from Static Definitions., D. M. Ediger and J. P. Fairbanks, IEEE Parallel and Distributed Processing - Graph Algorithm Building Blocks
A local measure of community change in dynamic graphs., A. Zakrzewska, E. Nathan, J. P. Fairbanks, D. A. Bader, IEEE/ACM ASONAM
Jul 2016 Novel Stopping Criteria for Spectral Partitioning, J. P. Fairbanks, A. Zakrzewska, D.A. Bader, SIAM Network Science
Aug 2013 A Statistical Framework for Analyzing Streaming Graphs, J. P. Fairbanks, D. Ediger, R. McColl, D.A. Bader, E. Gilbert, IEEE/ACM ASONAM


May 2019 Abstract Representations of Scientific Models, Paul Cohen (Pitt), Eric Davis, Alec Nielson (, DARPA ASKE Principal Investigator Meeting
  • Host: Josh Elliot (DARPA), Moderator: J. P. Fairbanks
May 2019 Toward the Modeling Stack Panel, Joshua Elliot (DARPA), John Bachman (Harvard Medical School), Eric Davis, Clayton Morrison (Arizona), J. P. Fairbanks (GTRI), Modeling the World's Systems 2019
  • Host: Paul Cohen (Pitt), Moderator: Bruce Childers (Pitt)

Oral Presentations

Jul 2019 SemanticModels.jl: Not Just Another Modeling Framework, J. P. Fairbanks and C. R. Herlihy, JuliaCon, Baltimore, MD
Jun 2019 Model IR Working Group: Initial Progress, J. P. Fairbanks, E. Davis, C. Morrison, DARPA ASKE Program Meeting
  • Host: Joshua Elliot (DARPA)
April 2019 Semantic Program Analysis for Scientific Model Augmentation, J. P. Fairbanks, Lawrence Livermore National Lab
  • Host: Seth Bromberger (LLNL)
Apr 2019 Complex Systems Analysis of Hybrid Warfare, M. Nadolski and J. P. Fairbanks, Conference on Systems Engineering Research
March 2019 Program Analysis for Scientific Model Augmentation, J. P. Fairbanks, University of Florida Informatics Institute Spring Symposium
  • Host: UF Data Science and Informatics
Nov 2018 Data Science and Graph Analytics with Julia, J. P. Fairbanks, University of Florida Informatics Institute
  • Host: UF Data Science and Informatics
2018 Solving Applied Graph Theory Problems in the JuliaGraphs ecosystem, J. P. Fairbanks, MIT CSAIL Seminar
  • Host: Alan Edelman, MIT Math/CSAIL
2018 Graph Interfaces: Bespoke Graphs for Every Occasion, M. Besan\c{c}on, J. P. Fairbanks, JuliaCon, London, UK
2018 The JuliaGraphs Ecosystem: Move Fast and Don't Break Things, J. P. Fairbanks, JuliaCon, London, UK
2017 Assessing Credibility in Global Media Networks, J. P. Fairbanks, Human Language Technologies
2017 Using Big Data to Predict and Analyze Cooperation and Conflict, T. Frederick, C. Herlihy, J. P. Fairbanks, The Conflict Conference at UT-Austin
2017 LightGraphs: Our Network, Our Story, S. Bromberger, J. P. Fairbanks, JuliaCon, Berkeley, CA


May 2019 Semantic Model Understanding for Scientific Model Augmentation, J. P. Fairbanks, Systems Biology of Human Disease
2017 QueryGarden: growing healthy applications in well prepared SQL, J. P. Fairbanks, OHDSI Symposium
2017 Implementing Real-Time Patient Level Predictions Using PLP Models, C. S. Brown, J. D. Duke, , J. P. Fairbanks, C. Herlihy, K. Mukadam, J. Poovey, M. Rost, OHDSI Symposium
Mar 2015 Discovering Block Structure with Approximate Eigenvectors, SIAM Computational Science and Engineering
2012 Ramsey Theorem for Indecomposable Matchings, Graph Theory at Georgia Tech (GT@GT)