Data Science

Professional Education and Open Source

Open source software is stymied by a lack of funds for maintinance tasks, but companies aren’t coughing up charity money to pay open source developers. Open Source in the Enterprise How do we generate the funds to fund development on open source code? Support and services contracts like RedHat Enterprise Version licenses like Mongo or Neo4j which Gil Yehuda thinks are problematic. The Backwards Commerial License proposed by hueniverse Another problem in open source is that enterprise software vendors have a large incentive to make their software as sticky as possible and lock-in their clients.

Principles of Computational Science Project Management

I’ve done a lot of computational experiments in my days and have slowly and diligently ascended a slope of experimental mismanagement. Every project starts with an empty directory and attempts to build towards a paper, report, or presentation. Here are my thoughts on the right way to do it. Decide on a process up front and follow it When you start a project it is always just a few files, just a few scripts, and just a few collaborators.